Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Civil Marriage Equality in DC: To All of Those Who Will Marry

The world has not come to an end. "The Rapture" has not ensued. Poor and working class black folks still live in the District of Columbia (still can't believe someone made that claim). The battle was well fought, and the best argument won. There is marriage equality in Washington, DC, and it is beautiful. Forget the naysayers, and the people who are "offended" by the natural displays of affection.

May your marriages last forever. Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

Such nerve of the Washington Post, to actually feature a newly married couple kissing!!! Hope to see vastly more of that in vastly more publications.

Equal rights now includes gay rights, in some places, and the fear peddlers are left holding their bag of empty threats and imagined repercussions.

Progress looks and feels beautiful.

Those uncomfortable with equality in marriage can now seek out a new group to discriminate against. It's a lifestyle they choose, or maybe are born into.

I'm just sayin'...