Friday, March 5, 2010

Don't Do It Mr. President

If the Obama administration reverses Attorney General Eric Holder's decision to try Khalid Sheik Mohammad in federal court (and in New York City, the site of the crime), then it will prove to me that this is an administration that is accepting as fact that what was good enough for President Bush and his Department of Justice is simply not good enough for President Obama and his Department of Justice. This will be, in my mind, an act of cowardice of epic proportions, and I will expect the Obama administration to be bullied at every turn from truculent Republicans, who would say "the sky is green," if Obama said that "the sky is blue." And a solid proportion of the American populace would agree with the Republicans.

Under Bush, we prosecuted scores of terrorist suspects in federal court, and those people are serving in federal prisons. Alexandria, Virginia saw the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui go through without a real hitch. We were under no greater threats than usual, and last I checked, Washington, DC is right across the river from Alexandria. President Bush was at the White House, while Moussaoui was sitting in a courtroom. The Pentagon, an attack site, was not far away. I simply do not understand the fear factor (New York City is a perpetual terrorist target, like Washington, DC). I think that this notion of costs and logistics are just ruses.

Should we all prepare for the White House to force Eric Holder to fire the so called "al Qaeda 7," because Liz Cheney thinks that these people are moles or some such craziness (I guess she must think that all criminal defense attorneys are really just supporters of crime, forget that whole concept of innocent until proven guilty, and having proper legal representation)? And let it be said that even if that did happen, the GOP barbarians at the gate would remain unsatisfied.

I did not cast my vote for someone who would cower in the face of GOP criticism. I didn't cast my vote for someone who would be Clintonian in terms of his slavish relationship to poll numbers. And I don't want to have to start saying "oh no he di'in't," instead of "yes he did."

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