Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Truthiness on the March

Let's just put this out there so that everyone can understand this "truth": when Democrats use House or Senate rules in the same manner that Republicans have used House and Senate rules when they were in power, those rules become unconstitutional, special or new. Most media will report this GOP version of the "truth," and then it becomes conventional wisdom. For example, reconciliation, which has been used by the GOP more than the Democrats overall, is now a "nuclear option" (even though that term refers to something altogether different) that not only will bring down the Senate, but it will also show the American public the Democrats disdain for majority rule.

Now, even folks at the American Enterprise Institute are calling out the GOP for hypocrisy. To pass health insurance reform, the House Democrats may use the same procedure the GOP used for legislation to reduce the deficit back in '05 (according to the blogger at AEI). However, to hear the GOP tell it, the House Democrats have magically come up with a rule that did not exist, and are planning to use it "to ram health care down our throats." To that I say check out this article, and read the reality for yourself.

What pisses me off more than anything is the fact that thousands upon thousands of Americans will believe the utter bullshit being spewed by the GOP in this regard, and they will come up with a multiplicity of excuses to suggest that somehow the situations aren't the same. Add to that the media, forever cowed into believing that it's "too liberal" will take its bullying from the right, and report the GOP position as "truth," while forgetting that unless the media outlet is Fox, then the charge of "liberal bias" will remain undisturbed.

This, my friends is real truthiness in action. Behold.

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