Monday, March 22, 2010

A Significant Obama Victory

Though I know the whole process for health insurance reform isn't complete, it was nice to see the measure pass the House. There are things about this massive piece of legislation that I don't like. I think many people can say that. But what made me happiest was knowing that in spite of every lie, every threat, every insult that the GOP put forth, as well as the desire to make this Obama's "Waterloo," the bill passed.

The truth of the matter is that most Republicans would love to see a purely private health insurance system, notwithstanding their new found love of Medicare in the last few months. Many GOP supporters who currently receiving some form of "socialized" health care (seniors, active duty military members and the families, and veterans) would do well to remember where many in the GOP stand on this issue, particularly seniors.

I congratulate President Obama on his tenacity, and his ability to shut down the Washington pundit class that agreed with the GOP that health insurance reform was dead. Good deal dude.

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