Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Truth Can Be a Beast at Times (Remember, Truthiness is the Goal)

This post is simply about how the GOP is lying to the American public about congressional procedures that they have used and are now pretending that they are not what they seem now that Democrats are using the exact same procedures to move health insurance reform legislation forward.

Start with this post from 'The New Republic" about how rules that the GOP used when it was in power are suddenly "unprecedented" in 2010. Then take a quick look here at the way the media in Washington manage to carry the GOP water in creating the fiction of Democratic impropriety. Now check out this first instance when a member of the GOP is put on the spot actually to tell the truth about this procedural push known as "deem and pass." And once that is read, mosey over to this post showing how one C-Span viewer put another GOP member (a member of the House rules committee no less) on the spot actually to tell the truth. Here is one more example of a GOP member being forced to tell the truth.

What is sad about this exercise is that the likelihood of this corrective information, the Democrats legitimate use of legitimate rules to pass health insurance reform legislation, will find its way to the various media outlets that reach the most people across the country is quite slim. So supporters of Representatives Cantor, Sessions and Pence, most likely, will never know that these men supported the very procedures (not tricks) that they are now deeming "unconstitutional" or "Democrat tricks." Those supporters will continue to "know" that "deem and pass" is a dirty trick that will be used to force "Obamacare" on them.

Truthiness prevails again (even though the truth is actually out there, if they only just looked).

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