Monday, March 8, 2010

Save the Save America's Treasures Program, and Help Create Jobs and Revitalize Communities

I want to keep this quite simple. It makes no sense to abandon the Save America's Treasures program. I have had the pleasure of seeing the impact this program has had on communities across the country. Here is an analysis, with hard numbers, showing the number of jobs created and the amount of funds spent to bring those jobs about.

With the savings that the Obama administration is proposing to save through necessary cuts in various budgets, I do not understand why some of those savings could not be directed to a program that not only creates "jobs, jobs, jobs," but it also has the ancillary benefit of saving important historic resources that reflect poignantly who we are, and what how far we've come, as Americans. If there are problems with the metrics of the program, or a sense that the purpose of the program isn't clear, then give the folks in charge of it an opportunity to make the case and address the shortcomings.

Check out this link to see which communities the Save America's Treasures program has impacted over the years. American jobs were created. American historic resources were saved and put to effective and innovative new uses.

I've already argued that we need to revive the FDR era Civilian Conservation Corps, and put people to work on improving the infrastructure of the nation, as well as shoring up our national parks and historic sites. I still think that it is a great idea, and the money we would spend as a nation would be an incredible investment, as it was during the Great Depression.

Finally, one of the things I have come to love about historic preservation is that it is truly a non-partisan issue. Nearly every group imaginable within the nation has something worth preserving, even controversial historic places. Nearly every community across the nation can benefit from some form of community revitalization through the use of historic preservation. It is so simple, this idea of preserving our past, revitalizing for the future, all while creating jobs and enhancing community pride.

I know that I am not alone in this sentiment. Remind the Obama administration of that too. I know I will.

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Bosco20 said...

Thanks for this Free, we also need to save the Preserve America program. This was my bread and better just two short years ago!