Monday, March 22, 2010

Good to See Chris Matthews Called Out

I just read this post over at Daily Kos, and it is nothing short of sweet justice. Generally speaking, I do not mind Chris Matthews. Yes, he talks over his guests all of the time. Yes, he basks in his insider status, just like most former Hill staff members. But, Matthews was utterly wrong, rude and dismissive to Rep. Alan Grayson, when Grayson suggested the way forward on health insurance reform.

In taking his swipes at Grayson's being a new guy, and being wholly hostile to the netroots (because they are "outsiders), Matthews strikes me as the type of typical DC denizen who would never consider apologizing to Grayson, or own up to his mistake and dismissive attitude to Grayson. But Grayson doesn't need the apology, because the reality of how this process is moving is precisely as Grayson stated.



Better Guy X said...

Wow! I just read this and what an asshole! Chris Matthews is obviously drunk with the power of television (not unlike Beck and the others).

No chance that Matthews apologizes for this, but man, he really should. And he should refresh his memory of the history of the Senate.

Micheal Sisco said...

Really ... can we trust a guy who continually pronounces it Port Au Prance? ... The guy sounds like he has a mouthful of spit when he speaks ... very annoying!