Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hullabaloo and NPR

I just read about the conservative "sting operation" against Ron Schiller who worked for National Public Radio's foundation, and all I can say is that I am not really surprised that he is not a fan of the Tea Party people.  Naturally, I think that his comments reflect overreach, because I am not convinced that the Tea Party Republicans are racists in the main (but I am not going to buy for a minute that the Tea Party Republicans are racist free; few movements can make that claim regardless of ideology).

I do think that it's interesting that a part of the accusation implied in the video is that it seems suspect even to talk with a presumably "Muslim" group.  Of course, that suspicion doesn't seem to extend to the many, many corporations that deal with Middle East oil companies and foundations, so maybe Schiller made his mistake by not talking with a Middle Eastern oil baron (oh and Schiller didn't take the money offered).

I agree with Schiller that NPR should ween itself off of federal funding altogether.  NPR doesn't need it, and that is a great thing.  Besides, it goes without saying that everyone who was excited by this "gotcha" game here hated NPR anyway.  Yet, it will go over their heads that Schiller didn't work in the NPR news division, that he had no say in the editorial content news programming.  It will be enough that he's just a "typical liberal."

Meanwhile, I have no problem saying that I LOVE National Public Radio.  It has been a primary source of news for me for years (soon I will be able to say decades).  I leave my radio on NPR all day.  From "World News Today," to "Morning Edition," to "The Diane Rehm Show," to "Tell Me More," to "Fresh Air," to "All Things Considered," I feel informed for the day.  Hell, I even enjoy "Stained Glass Bluegrass" on occasion. 

The bottom line, in my mind, is that it shouldn't be too surprising that someone tied to NPR is liberal.  No shit.  With that said, I am more than confident that NPR's news is among the best in the industry, and I appreciate the news division providing me with news I can trust.

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Tc said...

But NPR gets complaints for being too conservative. At least that's what they claim.

Btw -- if almost no ideology can claim to be completely racist-free, then the discussion of TP racism should be off the table.