Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Strange to Agree (Mostly, Though Not Entirely) with George Will

Let me begin by saying that I'd heard about Will's looming Sunday Washington Post column, but I was not prepared to find myself nodding in agreement so frequently.  I was so glad to see someone actually say that Mike Huckabee straight up lied.  That is a word that is not used enough in the press. 

Huckabee goes into this discussion about President Obama being raised in Kenya, which is bullshit.  The last time I checked a map, Hawaii and Indonesia aren't particularly adjacent to Kenya.  Huckabee then talks about how the Mau Mau Rebellion influenced Obama, because he was "raised by his Kenyan relatives," as opposed to the white people who are originally from Kansas and moved eventually to Hawaii who actually raised Obama.  So of course, when Huckabee is called out on his bullshit, he dispatches a spokesperson to say that he "misspoke" and meant to say Indonesia.  This, naturally, requires a sentient being to conclude that the Mau Mau Rebellion of Kenya was really the Mau Mau Rebellion of Indonesia.  Sadly, there is a percentage of the American populace who bought that pile of shit.  

Bear false witness much, Rev.?

As I've said repeatedly, there are many ideological reasons for criticizing the moves of the Obama Administration (hell, I've made several), but those reasons need to be based on actual facts, if they are to be given any attention.  Huckabee simply decided to pander to a group of people who lost sense of reality a long time ago.  That George Will is calling this out now (rather late in my opinion) is a little refreshing.

Where I differ with Will, regarding this particular column, is on naming Haley Barbour as a "plausible Republican" president.  Personally, I would rather go into exile than to see that Republican from Mississippi get that job.

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