Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wisconsin IV: Pyrrhic Victory in Wisconsin?

If the reports I am hearing are correct, then it looks like the Wisconsin GOP caucus is in the process of removing the collective bargaining component from their emergency repair bill, which requires that state senate quorum, and submitting it as a stand alone bill, which can be passed without the Wisconsin senate Democrats present. 

If this is the case, then the short term politics are totally in the GOP's favor; it looks like a smart move both to eliminate the problem that has paralyzed the state, as well as kill collective bargaining for Wisconsin state workers.  I do wonder if that new bill would include the public unions that supporter Gov. Walker in his campaign too.  Surprisingly, it took them this long to sort this possible escape out for themselves.

The long term effects both on collective bargaining for state workers, as well as the political futures of the GOP elected, are harder to discern.

UPDATE:  I just found another report on this, so it looks like the GOP is about to do its will (though it apparently isn't the people's will in Wisconsin anymore, if the various polls are correct).

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