Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Guess it's Different When Your Name isn't "Muslim-y"

Just follow this link, and read the story.  Now imagine if those two students had been Muslim.



TC said...

I'm sure it would have been headline news, just like this case was:

hscfree said...

If I am reading that link correctly, they are still investigating that. And the comments that I noticed reflected precisely my point. Most will accept that the ODU students were experimenting, clowning around, and most will accept that the 13 yr old is a burgeoning terrorist.

hscfree said...

Mind you, I am all for investigating anyone crazy enough to build bombs, but I think we can just accept that if your name sounds Muslim, then the presumption of guilt is automatic. If your name doesn't sound Muslim, then one can presume innocence. That's just where we are now.