Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Not Just Bring Back the Grandfather Clause?

I am all for ensuring that those who are participating in the American electoral process are indeed Americans, but this new law in Texas, and I don't care if it is bi-partisan or not, just doesn't pass the smell test.  If people are going to be asked to show ID, then there should be no exemptions.  The Texas law, as written, exempts people born before 1931 and people with concealed weapons licenses. 

Are these two classes immune from potential voter fraud?  Are they more trustworthy than other classes of Texans?  And I am bothered by the coincidence that these two classes of people (particularly those born before 1931) trend heavily Republican in voting.  Maybe we could bring back the Grandfather Clause, or other useful tactics from the days of old.

Again, I have no problem with the idea to show a government issued photo ID to vote.  That is more than reasonable.  But I do mind greatly the idea that there should be folks exempted from those rules, for whatever reason.  Either we show photo ID, or we allow for ID without a photo (a bill perhaps).

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Anonymous said...

I looked at the underlying article and read it differently than you. I was then prompted to go to the TX website for concealed weapons application. It is a photo ID. I haven’t read the legislation, but I think what they were doing is saying that the concealed weapons ID is an acceptable state photo ID. As for exempting anyone over 80, I’m not aware of any research that indicates that Hispanic or black seniors vote overwhelmingly for the GOP. It seems to be race neutral. If I were drafting it, like you, I would have required everyone to show an ID but at least this is a start. I was shocked when I voted in DC years ago and didn’t have to show ANY ID to vote. I was appalled when I realized that the democrats strongly defended this position. I understand the history, but it seems crazy that you need an ID to do just about anything today—go to an R movie, etc. and yet you can vote without one. If being asked to show an ID intimidates you than perhaps you have bigger problems in life than whether you get to vote or not.