Monday, March 28, 2011

On Libya III

I am looking forward to President Obama's address tonight regarding Libya.  I feel that my muddled previous posts reflect just how unsure I am about this entire affair.  I think that because there were point people in Egypt talking about a post-Mubarak state, I felt more comfortable about what could happen there with Mubarak's departure.  I think many are still asking who will take over Libya, should Qaddafi fall (this article from The New Yorker is a good one to read on who the rebels are).  I find it fascinating that members of Congress are asking about how we pay for this (shame they weren't asking those questions in earnest with the two wars and the Medicare Part D benefit), when they lovingly gave the top earners in the U.S. a tax cut we still can't afford.  Furthermore, what does NATO taking over really mean?  And I still don't think anyone knows what a win will look like.  How will we know?  Qaddafi's fall?  The rise of a fledgling democracy in Libya?  I hope the President will at least come close to answering some of these questions tonight.

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