Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wisconsin V: But for Japan...

...I think that the story of the protest in Madison, and the return of the 14 Democratic senators would have been the big story of the day.  According to Reuters, the crowd that gathered was estimated at 100,000.  This whole story is just fascinating, and I think that it's now clear that fiscal policy was more a cover for union busting.  Even the Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader noted the '12 connection to this push to derail public sector union activity.

I am not yet convinced that this current surge of energy will go far. If the recall efforts really develop legs, then I might be more convinced. But it is clear Wisconsin is representative of a first domino to fall in an effort to dismantle public sector unions across the nation (well, it seems not the ones that support GOP candidates; are they more cost effective than the unions that support Democratic candidates?).  Again, only time will tell if this energizes the Democratic base, or if it fizzles in a spate of indifference (a very American trait, unless a celebrity is involved).

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