Friday, March 25, 2011

Vermont is Sounding Better by the Day

In light of my beginning sojourn into getting health care as an uninsured person, I found this post regarding Vermont's efforts to create a single payer health care system for its residents to be particularly interesting.  Though I've never had the pleasure of visiting Vermont, I've always appreciated the beauty and seeming tranquility of the state.  I am also really appreciating what the state seems to stand for with regard to its resident.  Vermont has marriage equality (passed by the legislature), a beautiful and cosmopolitan small city in Burlington, and rich history of independent thinking and freedom, and very possibly universal health care.  I might even be able to come to terms with my disdain for snow.  Hmmm.


Josh G. said...

Or you could just move here to Boston.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned your desire to live in Canada or the UK in a former post. Have you considered moving there? I don’t know about the UK, but my understanding is that Canada is generally looking for educated residents, particularly in the colder regions. They’re concerned about a decreasing population in some areas.

hscfree said...

Actually, I have. I haven't been to Toronto in years. The ladies in my family spent a week in Quebec and fell in love with it. I wouldn't immigrate though. I have too much pride in being an American for that. Though sometimes I feel like it has tried, the U.S. can't get rid of me that easily.