Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If This Man Ain't Crazy Boots

What a collection of lies, but I know that millions of folks think that what he says is gospel. All folks have to do is see what is happening in the states and DC, where marriage equality (civil marriage equality) exists.  Last I checked, not too much has changed. (h/t JMG)


Anonymous said...

Do you really expect to understand the impact of a social change in less than a year? It will take a long time for the consequences of this revolution to be understood. If you weren’t so invested in the issue (and interested in scoring points) I suspect that you would acknowledge that.

hscfree said...

Stop pretending that civil marriage equality hasn't existed in the modern world now. I believe it's been 10 years in the Netherlands, and 5 years in Massachusetts. We have actual examples, actual empirical evidence to measure how we are doing with civil marriage equality. So this notion that we have been dealing with this for "less than a year" is bullshit..